2018 Commonwealth Games

It was a privilege to be selected as a volunteer sports physiotherapist for Rugby 7's during  the 2018 Commonwealth Games and it was a great experience to have the opportunity to work at the High Performance Centre and the village polyclinic .

As a sports physiotherapist I had the opportunity to provide support for athletes from many countries for pre event preparation, acute care injury diagnosis, management and prevention with many co workers.

Such a large scale event required a lot of time, effort and resources to organise and a huge achievement for the Gold Coast community. Safely, hygiene and communication among various stakeholders was paramount to provide the best clinical care for athletes.


2018 Courses

 Our interventions need to reflect current thinking and the most up to date research available. During 2018 the knee was a strong focus for research presented at the Melbourne Knee Symposium in February. Other courses attended were the Australian Specialist Physiotherapist Educators Complex Spinal courses for an evidence based approach to managing neck pain focusing on exercise and manual therapy.


2019 APA Conference

The Australian Specialist Physiotherapist Educators courses held for both neck and low back pain disorders are designed to advance clinical reasoning and competency. APA Conference will be held in 2019 and will cover a large scope of physiotherapy research and practice.