National APA Conference 2010

Attending the National APA Conference 2010 in Sydney highlights how much change is taking place in Physiotherapy, particularly in the last 5 years.

There has been a lot of scientific research on tendonitis and its management. Understanding tendon conditions where their healing process as being part of a continuum and not necessarily an inflammatory disease.

There has been recent good trials on hamstring and groin injuries particularly in predictive clinical factors for return to sport. We have also learnt the importance of the hip in treating groin and knee pain. We have become better at understanding the role of pathology in shoulder pain, and the brain in treating all areas.

A very important area that has been addressed is load management in treating overuse injuries with minimum sleep routines and lowering impact load to decrease the incidence of bone stress and overuse

A strong message from the Australian Institute of Sport is the adverse affect of antinflammatory medication in the management of muscle tears where it has shown to change the ground substance during healing and lead to permanent strength losses.

Paula will be returning to the AIS and North Sydney Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Centre during February for further continuing education.

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